Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Out of My Little Beans

Last night our little Mtn bike club "NTMBA" had its elections and yours truly was elected as Secretary. No I will not be wearing any dresses or women's clothing of any kind! (we already have a couple of members that do that publicly). Everything went well and we now have a new group of folks that will take the club in a positive direction I'm sure. We always meet at El Matador, a Mexican restaurant in Boones Creek on the first Monday of the month. We had several new members there too. Things are looking good for the club it seems!

Angie had me try some of this Counter Culture coffee a while back. Man I'm so addicted now. I have to have it before I leave for work in the mornings. I used to drink a large cup of OJ every morning on the way to work, but now I have a small cup when I get up. Right before I leave to work, at 4:30 am, I get this huge spill proof cup and fill it to the brim with this luscious brown liquid. I'm addicted I tell ya. So I was a little crazy this morning when I remembered the bag was empty. I stopped on the way to the meeting last night at both places but they were out...OUT I SAY! It's worse than the "I got to have my cup of Joe crowd". This stuff rocks! Nothing compares to this stuff. This one in the pic is my favorite so far. We have tried a few of the different regions but my first pic is Maurantia El Salvador; a 100 percent Bourbon varietal coffee, with intensely sweet, intoxicating flavors of brown sugar, butterscotch, and sweet fruit swirling above a perfectly balanced body and gentle aftertaste (it's how the website describes it) then the Armenia Guatemala (heirloom coffee sings with crisp apple, citrus, gently savory undertones, and a sweet vanilla finish) from the America's. I myself couldn't describe it that way, IT'S JUST THE BESTEST COFFEE TO EVER HAVE TOUCHED MY PALET, I'm a trucker(oops...freight re-location specialist) so that's saying alot! Theres only two places we have been able to find it though, other than online. Oasis Coffee House in the JC Mall , Kroger near ETSU or The Gourmet & Co. restaurant near Target. I managed to get a bag today since the Oasis gets their deliveries on Tuesdays and I now have my fix. I thought my day would be hectic or even frantic without my coffee, but it turned out to be a great day at work. How many folks can say that?

When I left for work this morning it was 51 degrees. A 30 degree temp swing in 24hrs, how stupid can the weather be. The road bike riding crossed my mind again but with all the stops I had today on my route I knew I wouldn't have a snowball's chance in h... of getting home in time to ride it. Just before I got to the house at around 4 small specs of precipitation were landing on my windshield, well rats there goes the Warriors night ride as well. Around 515 or so it stops, hardly kept the road wet. I wasn't going to drive to Kingsport to ride but I could ride in my back yard! ETSU!!! @ 530 the "Stidham" texts me and says its not raining at Warriors, I guess he must have read my post on the Warriors thread about bailing out. Oh well, I gear up and head for ETSU. Top the hill and I'm on the trail. The upper section was quite dry but the lower side was slick and nasty. I have been in the market for a new light, LED that is. I'm not going to rush out and buy one just because some article says so though, I want to see it in action before I buy. I have seen several lately and the one that impresses me the best so far is the Cygolite TridenX. Rob has it's little brother, the dualcross, he let me borrow it so I put it to the test tonight.



1. Its not as bright as the TridenX but its not supposed to be, only 310 lumens vs. 600 lumens

2. Its very close to an HID in brightness .... surprisingly

3. It would be light weight on your helmet

4. I could run two of these (helmet & bar) and be happy

5. The battery is the BOMB daddio! This little thing doesn't weigh anything! Got to love Lith-Ion

6. They aren't that expensive $$$...always a plus at the Scoobmeister's house

7. The buttons are easy to use


1. Cheap handlebar mount

2. Aggressive riding makes the mount rotate down with gravity

3. Wasn't able to use the helmet mount

4. Light body wanted to twist on me, probably just needs tightening

I like the way I can mount the battery on the bar. Its so tiny... Its supposed to go where my Garmin mounts though. BTW-Whats up with the little tabs on the Garmin mounts? I broke another one tonight, that makes 4 this year!! I also tried out a new pair of MTB shoes. Bontrager RL Mountain. I got a great deal on them is why I bought them, although they aren't like my sidi's (most shoes aren't) they are OK and I would recommend them to almost everyone. Any who, two laps around ETSU and back to the house. Man it feels great out there tonight, too bad it's not going to last long. Enjoy while you can.....

Later G ...........................................

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