Tuesday, December 16, 2008


X X X, I guess that got your attention huh? No porn stars here, sorry! Sunday I met some friends and some folks I didn't know for a small group ride on the road. We were riding the Pink Ribbon 50 course.There were around 13 in attendance it seemed. I was itching to get these Bontrager XXX race lite carbon wheels (1295g)out for a test ride. I have never been a fan of carbon road wheels but I talked myself into trying a pair. I'm currently running Mavic Ksyrium SL ES's on the S-works and they are pretty sweet. I remembered the first time I threw a set of SL's on my bike. Wow! The acceleration was awesome. I fell in love with those wheels immediately. I'm no Pro or never will be but I really got excited. The first thing I noticed when we left the parking lot of "bucks" was that same similar feeling. The pulse of every pedal stroke you could actually feel. This was just regular pedaling.........hmmm, we will be on the front side of Buffalo soon. This is going to be good, I'm thinking. After a few miles we are heading up Dry Creek rd. Just a couple of miles now. I'm no where near my summer fitness level of last year '07, so I was taking that into consideration. We round the curve and start up, I like the way they are feeling so far. I pedal onward to the top-awesome! I crest and coast the backside. I try giving them a little shake at speed, ehhh, slightly flexy at speed but not bad. I like 'em! We continue the ride 'til the 25mi split then 4 of us break for the cars. I wasn't looking for more than a 25-30 mile ride today after racing cross the day before, so we 4 headed back. There were a couple of short steep climbs that you need to get out of saddle for. I could hear the wheels when I did this. They did not feel like they were flexing, just the sound from the new set of tires I installed on them. It worried me for a minute though. Overall I give them an A, mind you these are the only high-end carbon wheels I have ever ridden.

Just got all the grime, muck and yuk off the Masi from all the CX racing of late. Man it needs some TLC too! Guess thats what I will be doing to keep me busy tonight. I call it my therapy, wrenching\tuning bikes.

I have been reading alot of peoples blogs of late. Some are very entertaining, some not. I guess that makes me what they call a "lurker". I have posted on a few of them and have got to know a couple. I have also met a couple of guys that blog, at the CX races. If anyone reads this other than my regular 7, lol feel free to drop a line. Maybe if anyone has tried a bike part that I have posted about or something and would like to give an impression, feel free. It's cool to read about other cyclist's riding experience's and what not. I used to have a "myspace" page but I deleted that along time ago, now there's facebook? Same thing different package, maybe? I have only ventured a couple of times. I'm hooked on the blogs, just my opinion but I think blogs are head and shoulders above myspace\facebook, I could be wrong....Call me a geek... whatever. I just think it's cool. I'm no English Scholar by far and if it wasn't for "spellcheck" the folks that don't know me would think I'm a tard. The ones that do know me already think that, so it's ok. So thanks to anyone that stops by for a read and lets me share my thoughts with the world.

Later G...................................


VernettaSabryna said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Alan Sparks said...

Thanks, Its nice to know I have some readers other than my friends, Thank You!