Sunday, January 25, 2009


Our supreme NTMBA Trail coordinator ...Brandon

Today was another trail day at Bay's Mountain. Austin got to attend this one too. We got there about 12:45 and there wasn't many people there at first but after a few they started rolling in. I think there ended up being 16 or so, good turnout. Austin and Jesse rode while the rest of us worked. They got in a little over 9 miles while we were slaving in the woods. Steve and I got a big chunk of the front portion swept clear so the tiller could loosen the "fluff" as Brandon likes to call it. We all knocked off after about 3 hours and everyone headed back out.

There were about 8 of us that wanted to ride the new trail so when we got back to the parking lot we got our riding gear on and we were off. Jesse and Austin already had over 9mi in so I figured Austin would bonk on me and Jesse would probably be alright since he races alot. Austin hit the red line about half way through the single track new section and was getting pissed. He crashed a couple of times but got up and pedaled on. He hasn't ridden in a while so I was proud of him to finish over 12 miles up there on the mountain. The new trail is a good one. It's got a couple of techy sections but we are building it for the recreation riders up there, so we can't get to carried away at first. I got a short video captured on my new helmet cam but I want to edit it before I post it. Its just all of us on the forest service road nothing spectacular. I left my camera at home by accident so all I had was my cell. I took a couple of pics.....

You know I have heard of the legends of the IMBA Trail Ninjas before but I have never seen one. I have always heard that they are so elusive, but today I seen one first hand for myself. The Ninja totally appeared from nowhere - like Ninjas do. He didn't ride in with us on the trucks, I guess he swooped from tree to tree, limb from limb, silent as the wind - like Ninjas do. He worked with precision in the dirt and debris and I was totally impressed with his skills of the mccloud and other trail building tools - like Ninjas do. Why if we had had about a dozen of these sleek and stealthy Trail Ninjas today we could have cut miles and miles of new trail throughout the Bay's Mountain wilderness - like Ninjas do. I mean look how cool his trusty sword fits right onto his trail backpack with his dependable trail rake! If I didn't know any better though I would say this Ninja looks alot like Brad Reed, I hear they disguise themselves as club members to get in on the action though - like Ninjas do. So maybe it really wasn't Brad after all.

You know I have talked about on earlier post, not being a big fan of the Bay's Mtn Park. But Greg had talked some good faith back into me and got the park back on my good side until today. After the ride we got to the parking lot at 5pm. That's what time the park closes...5pm. I hear this car horn just blasting out loud and they wont let off, driving through the parking lots. Come to find out it's the park NAZI trying to clear everyone out. Jeeez there was only 4 cars left and we were all hurrying. I got all of our gear stowed and the bikes on the rack and we passed by her at 5:09 leaving. Man she was mouthing something and holding up her hand like 5 O'clock. I'm really glad I didn't hear what she was saying, I had the windows up. It looked as if she was really pissed about all of us not getting out of there on time. She must have had a bad day......I doubt it. I have been harassed worse before up there many years ago, that's why I haven't been back in years. They really should have a better attitude. I don't know what to think now, Greg built them all up then something like that....... I just don't know!

All in all it was a good day, not alot of riding, but at least I was on the bike. I haven't done alot of that this month. I have been focusing on the indoor workouts and getting this weight down. I need to ride more and I'm going to. Tomorrow I will get some video footage of Buffalo Mtn, should be good!

Later G...............................................

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Riding with dogs said...

Good write up. I've had run-ins with the nazi before and she is a real b*tch, she's was not having a bad day. I hate to see people acting like that because it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I wasn't building the folks up that work there I was just pointing out the fact that we're on the brink of something good, new singletrack in the tri-cities with a bright future. Look on the bright side Bays mtn used to have 2 Nazis, now there is just one. The other one was the guy who wouldn't allow new trails and I've been verbally abused by him before and he was worse.