Friday, January 23, 2009

SS in the Dark

First I would like to welcome a new blogger in town, KHS Wes. Good ole Wesley has started blogging. He should have some interesting reads over the next several months. Welcome Wes! He's definitely an rising star. He was invited to an Olympic training camp last year for juniors, hes going to do great things in cycling fo' sho'.

Last night several NTMBA members joined up for a little Thursday night lights ride at Warriors path mountain bike trails. Brandon said he was going to ride easy and after he arrived He and Jeff said that they were skipping Darwins. So Steve, Greg and I took off on Darwins trail. Steve was supposed to bring the SS but wimped out, so Greg and I were the only ones on SS. I haven't ridden the Monocog since midway through the MSG CX series. I could tell I had not been on it too. I changed to a bigger gear before I left the house but it still kicked my buttocks. Greg had his Go Pro video cam out also. I don't know how well it was going to do, but he took video that I should be able to get linked here from over there when he gets it edited. Mine should be here today! I ordered one and I haven't received it yet, whats up with that and the USPS?
The trail was slick and mushy in several spots then frozen then dry. Same cycle throughout the whole ride. Some guys from NTMBA have been getting out there and cleaning up the downed trees and they have done an excellent job, THANKS GUYS! That helps alot, it keeps us from having to organize a group to tackle it. We have great members!

Post ride from Greg and Steve, good ride guys.

I'm off work today, great economy huh? It's supposed to be 54 degrees today - a road ride over Buffalo may be in the plans for later. If not then a lap or two around ETSU's trails may just do the trick. I haven't been riding much this month. I have been working on the weight issue before I start trying to build up my base. Can't put the cart before the horse....

Later G..............................

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