Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Tuesday I had to replace some faulty shocks that I replaced earlier last week. It didn't take very long to do it the second time (gets easier with practice). After that I washed two bikes and an exploder. I was kinda hangin' out waiting to see if ole Greg's eyeballs cleared up after he went to the optometrist. His pupils were dilated. AKS called (AKS is a TLA for Aaron-Karen-Sharon, a buddy of mine) and wanted to put his new Trek 6.9 Madone on the road. I recently got to do the finishing touches on it for him, tune and build. We set a time and place to meet to break it in. Greg decided not to go (he's building a retaining wall) so it was AKS and I on our own. Now mind you AKS hasn't ridden in 15 months or so, he's got a long painful road ahead to get back into shape for sure. He did ok but I shortened the ride by about 10 miles to a 20 miler so I wouldn't hurt him that bad. A nice loop through the backroads of Jonesboro then back to my house. After we cruised through downtown Jonesboro we climbed the steep hill and proceeded to JC. Just before we got to Midway some fat douche riding in the back of a small tan pick-up truck tosses a bottle at us. I seen him throw it and I knew it would miss, so I didn't shout at AKS. I yelled at the truck to pull over (like a redneck) but all we received were some hand gestures. If your going to wave at me please use ALL of your fingers!I wished I was able to have gotten the tag number but I missed it. I did the only thing I could think of and that was dial 911 on the cell. The 911 operator got my name and the description of the vehicle and said he would put out a "BOLO" (be on the lookout) to area officers. I never heard back. I didn't think they would see them or catch them since I didn't get a tag number. So just a reminder be on your toes when something like this happens, it's hard but try to keep a calm head and you will do better than I did.

I was looking at my rides for this month. I have over 120 miles in for the month of Feb. Much better than January!!!! Although in my own defense I was focusing on my weight for Dec-Jan. and not riding the bike that much. I'm happy to say that I start my 09 season 10lbs lighter than I did last year at this same time. Yippee for me. I think this being unemployed thing is helping my riding too. I like getting my miles in before everyone gets off work, it's nice. What am I doing for $$ you ask? Oh you don't need $$, Obama told me I didn't. He's got everything under control so I'm not worried, lol. He's fixing to spend everything that you all are making & paying in taxes on me, so thank you very much. Ride on yo!

I'm always looking around on youtube and I came across this: If this doesn't inspire you to reach your goals I don't know what could...

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