Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cruiser Pedals & Brews

Greg's cruser with spoke lights...
Josh's GF lookin'...... 'gangsta'

Melinda and Abby
Fat Tony? He's skinny as a rail !
The walkover bridge at ETSU
Joe, Sarah, Brad and Abby
Joe and Sarah
Captain Style!
Me and the one and only Dusty!
Poor Richard's life staple.
Tipton St. Bar, cool place!
Abby is eye ballin' someone's beer.....
PBR......yuk! But I drank it....
'SHORT BUS' 'fav' bar from now on !!!!!

tricks on cruisers? I don't think so....
My weekend started with Angie pulling out of town on Thursday to go to Raeford, N.C. for a skydiving boogie. It would be like going to a 24hr mountain bike race in our perspective. She told me after she got there it was like Disney for skydivers.

Austin left for the beach with his Mom on Saturday morning so he's not here either. So it's just a weekend by myself. If I had the extra funds I would have taken off and camped somewhere with the mountain bike but woa the dislocated worker status.
Saturday there was a C.R.A.W.L. on the horizon......good times are always had at these. I arrived at 6 with everyone saddled up and ready. First stop: Alley Cat. We hung out for awhile but the sun was beading down on us like we were in the desert though. We tried several positions of the table umbrella but it didn't work. After Alley Cat we mounted up and I tried to talk the group into heading to the Apex since we had never been to that place on the CRAWL. It started out like we were going but a general consensus change had us re-route to Tipton St. Bar. That was my first time in there and it was pretty cool. I decided to consume my mandatory PBR there and get it over with. Happy Hour made it even cheaper! We posse' up and roll through downtown getting some strange looks like we always do. Rolling past Newman's or whatever its called these days always makes folks stop and stare. Next stop: PR"s and some car bombs. Acoustic Coffee House was next, it was packed. We managed to get a table outside and fill it up. Some girl was playing/singing but didn't catch her name. We hung out there for quite a while too. I was hoping we would get a bunch of different stops in. The Tipton St. place was cool though. I had another PBR at ACH, wow, 2 in one night? What an I thinking? We then rolled on over to McD's where a bunch of 'em got the munchies. After McD's we rolled to the parking garage and had some cycling fun. Not the downtown one but the ETSU one. We goofed off there a while then we headed to Knight's. We arrive at 11:40 and she tells us they close at 11:30. What???? I go back outside and there's only 4 of us left. It seems that most of the posse' ditched and headed back to ETSU and the cars. Wow, bailing at 11:30. A few of us just sat on the patio at Knight's and talked until after 12 then since the rest bailed it kinda took the wind out of our sails. It was a good night though. Plenty of beer, friends and bikes = GOOD TIME


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won't be too much longer and you'll be looking for PBR everytime you reach for a beer



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Hmmm...I would have loved to done the CRAWL but I didn't know about it. If only someone I knew had called me.

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