Monday, June 8, 2009


I was thinking, if you're a promoter and can pop for a few kegs at your venue you could make it run smooth as silk. It doesn't matter if you have a few upset folks, they aren't going to say much if you tote a few kegs to the event. "Just a little bit goes a long way" as the old saying goes. It sort of smooths things over. Even the dudes that aren't having a stellar race day can just say "heck I'm done, I'm not riding well so I just as well hang out and drink some brew". It makes everyone happy!

For instance: at the 12hrs of Tsali - The Disc Burner had about 70% less riders\people than Tsali yet the product that the DB had on hand surpassed Tsali by far. Rating this on a 1-10 basis I would give the DB a 9 and Tsali a 6. Most folks don't see it from the perspective I see it from. I hear "well they (promoters) are nice people", that's cool, I did not say or imply that they aren't. They COULD do a better job or I know, I could just stay home. I do appreciate that they are there putting this on for us. I see it from both sides of the fence! These endurance events are not broken down into abilities in any form or fashion, only by gender, team, 6-12hr and SS or geared. If some promoter would make A & B classes they would draw a bigger crowd I think. I know this going into these things and I know what the outcome will be. I'm not going to beat a PRO period! So all I would like to get in return for my ridiculous entry fee is a little swag. Ya know something like I can use; socks, pint glass, chain lube, etc... You know what I mean. So Mister Promoter listen to my cry.............. (yea I know some of you may think I'm whining-----oh well).

Here are the pics I said I would post today. Go out and have a great day everyone!

Steve put away some beer after the race! He's the man!!!

GOOD TIMES! I will hopefully be back next year!
LAter G....................................

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