Monday, July 27, 2009

Spokes in the morning

I arrived at the shop to see a big ole Bianchi box leaning against the back door. I hauled it in after Brian opened the back door. I was itching to get it open and look at it. Working at the shop is so much fun to me. It's like working for Santa!! I get it out of the box and unwrap it, seat post and it's on the stand quickly. I'm like a kid at Christmas and this bike isn't even mine. I really admire nice bikes like pieces of art. This wasn't the the top of the line Bianchi but it's still a sweet ride. I think this bike sold for like $1300 !!!!!! That's crazy!!! Got to love closeouts!!! I really like the teal color of Bianchi and Yeti! It was really hard putting the reflectors on this bike too, sort of like putting catsup on a nice filet. Anywho, I finished it put it aside and later this gent came in and paid for it. Off it went on the black V-Dub. We finally got all the wal=marty bikes repaired and outa the way. I started on the new bikes in the boxes that are piled high in the back. There's a ton of bikes in that back room in their cardboard coffins. I jerked two out and got them up on the rack then out on the floor. About an hour later a lady came in and away one of the new ones I just built, went to a new home.

After I got home I was wanting to get a quick ride in before dark but as I pulled into the drive I was reminded that the grass needed attention. Badly! I wrestled with the push mower and knocked that out just before dark....too late for a ride though. Oh well, road bike goes with me to work tomorrow. The Carter County Pack rides are after work, 40 miles at a descent pace. These two cross bikes have me starting to get really excited for cross also. Racing hasn't been too present with my life's status this year but things are a looking up yo!!
LAter G..................

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Anonymous said...

Dude, you want to get fit for cross season? I suggest you hit up those short track races.