Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Map of Douthat

It's late I just got home but I can't sleep so I thought I would post up something. I have been in Virginia on our annual NTMBA club camping trip. This is a map of the Douthat State Park MTB trails system. I have highlighted everything that I was able to ride in the last two days. I have a ton of pics and some video I will get to later. I managed to cover most of the area, not all but most. The weather was PERFECT and the nights were awesome except for last night (he he he) I had to ride the last tid bit today by myself. It was the most difficult also. If I had known how steep it was I would have probably picked a different trail. I did manage to get alot of it though, just a tad over 30 miles not great but not bad either. More to come, for now this is all ya get!

LAter G...................................

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