Thursday, September 10, 2009


Something about this little blue knob that just doesn't work they way they wanted it to.

Me thinks they should have stayed with the fox version, WAIT! I do believe that's whats on the 2010 model!


The 2007-2009 Specialized brand shocks were plagued with terrible internals. I guess after a couple of years they decided to go back with FOX even though they had a guy 'from' Fox helping them with their own brand of shocks. Maybe they got him from the mail room and he faked his experience on his resume'. Who knows, the cold hard truth is: they aren't very good! When it's working it's awesome. I have been on top of forums dedicated to all this trouble Specialized has been having over the years. One positive thing! Seems like customer service has been awesome, yes awesome. 99% of every article, post or what have you tells of Specialized getting them an new shock within a week but a bunch of them seem to be getting the shocks overnighted back to the bike shop. They also have a 5 year warranty (seems like it needs it). I wouldn't expect nothing less than that from my shortbus company, great CS. While out riding mine over the last few days. I can tell mine is heading for the graveyard by how it's acting from the descriptions in the forums. Kewl, a new shock soon. I have read rumors that they are now replacing them with the fox shocks. I never had a problem with my '03 and both '05s. No pic of the '03...ooops. I don't think that many folks would speak out against their favorite brand like this. Doesn't bother me, I would be SLAMMING Specialized though if they were not doing anything about it. What flaws does your bike have?????????????? Let's hear it!

This weekend the collegiate racing scene is at Lees McRae. I will not be able to make the Saturday events due to the local cult hero getting married, can't miss that! He has his own way of blogging that's for sure......short, sweet and to the point. He also has no clue that there is a small tool at the top of his little blog window when he's typing called a spell checker! Just givin' you a hard time homie.............keep typing we love ya! Now if we could just get that AKS fella to do more! Now for Sunday, my plan is to get up there (warm up, I'm bad for not doing that) and race XC. Hopefully if all goes well I should be home by 2, I'm hoping! The team is getting more organized too, I'm glad! LAst night we found out that we don't have a van for Nationals but they are going to get us plane tickets instead! SWUUUUUU EEEEEEEEEEEEE TTTTT !!!!! That's the plan anyway, more to come on that!
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