Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here Comes the Rain Again...

Friday started out pretty good. The weather nice and warm, a call from Rob in the Nick's building netted me a lead on a FWS job at ETSU plus an interview! The weather was really kickin' Friday, nice warm temps and pretty sunshine. I loaded up and motivated towards Oak Ridge, Tn. for the 11th annual HOT (Hill of Truth) race that our club attends in force every year. We stopped at "Big Ed's" pizza for some pies that were not bad Friday night after everyone settled in. That place has to be one of the busiest pizza places I have ever seen too. There were at least 15 kids working making and baking pizzas. I managed a whole 14" pie by myself but I only had some french fries for lunch on the drive down.

We built a fire and we were all constantly watching the inevitable on weather apps in our cell phones. After midnight we all mostly turned in, then about 3am it started.......drip drip drip! It was unusually warm also, 70 degrees at 11:30pm. I awoke to loud voices and crawled out of the "hillbilly hotel" as Greg has tagged it. Slosh slosh is the sound that I hear under my shoes as I step across the wet grass, ugh I think to myself. I'm so glad I'm not putting my bike or body through this sloppy mess. I put my boots on instead, grab some breakfast, start packing and hangout til the start. Steady rain the whole time!

Greg will post up in the next couple of days with some good pics, I have a really good feeling that Team GRT will podium tonight!!!!!

2009 HOT from A Sparks on Vimeo.

LAter G.................

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