Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Feel Like a Cheater


My main machine has been down for two weeks now. I won't go into the specifics (for now, later I will) about why I don't have my Epic, competence or good service and I would have! I have been able to ride thanks to Brian at Hampton Trails who let me borrow a BMC Fourstroke to pedal all over the mountains with while I wait for my shock warranty to return. I want everyone that reads this to know how good Brian works and strives to give such good customer service! I really feel as if I have been cheating on my Epic though. The BMC handles better than my Epic but the suspension is not as good. The BMC sits higher than my Epic too but it doesn't feel weird, imagine that. All bikes have their pros and cons for sure but I almost was swayed away from the short bus, seriously!

One major CON - Schwalbe tires: Racing Ralph's SUCK! They are as bad or worse than many of the Kenda tires I have tried in my honest opinion. The mini square knobs do not grip anything! They are only good for riding on dry hard pack - ONLY!


LAter G..............................

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Anonymous said...

I'll bet you're REALLY glad you didn't pay for the Ralphs now, huh?

They're best on the dry hard pack, but they work reasonably well on lose stuff too. They just really, really, REALLY hate anything wet. Anything at all wet really, even being washed.