Saturday, October 17, 2009

There's a Chill in the AIR

Ok the weather goes from summer to late fall withing three days. I don't think it got above 45 today. I had several friends racing today. Chris wondered off to Damascus, Va. today to got to the annual Iron Mountain race, well it's not a race just a bunch of guys that get together to ride some of the gnarliest rocky trail that our region has to offer. Bear trail and all the other BUMPY ROCKY trails that are up there. Yea it's no secret that I don't like baby head rocks!

Jason rolled up to Bristol, Tn. today to give cyclocross another shot. The King College Tornadoes put on a CX benefit race today. Jason managed a 3rd in the 4's and a 5th in Masters. Not bad for some one's first year of cross. Me? I was replacing bottom brackets in Haro bikes like there was no tomorrow at Hampton Trails. Seems like some small Chinaman fell asleep on the job and let a bunch of bikes roll onto the ship with the wrong BB's installed. They needed a 122mm spindle and somehow a 118mm spindle found it's way into a large number of bikes. No biggie though I was popping them in and out like popcorn popping from a popper. Not much going on but school lately, I haven't rode much since MSG because the only couple of days that it was fit to ride the past week I was in class til dark, sucks for me!

Here's my new exercise bike for this winter.............

LAter G........................

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