Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's the New Rage

This light seems to be the rage of late with the mountain bike night riding crew in East Tennessee and since we are the center of the universe for all in this world to follow I find it easy to believe that these are now very hard to come by. Our one and only bike with rockets man found these and graciously spread the word amongst us. We are cutting edge! We are the knobs that touch dirt. We are at one with the pedal and sprocket! It's hard to find the Magicshine stocked, alot of places have it back ordered and hopefully GeoMan will have plenty on his next order. I found mine on Ebay (same price), who would have guessed that? If I like this as much as I think I will, I'm getting another one for sure.



Here's a web page that has them in comparison to several other top brands: CLICK HERE

Now go get one and tell them SCOOBY sent ya!

LAter G.................................

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Ben said...

A friend of mine is getting one of the Magicshine lights and from what I've read they do look rad. And the price is insane compared to the other companies.