Friday, January 22, 2010


It took me awhile to get on board with social networking but I'm addicted like several million other folks are nowadays. At first it was MySpace, I tried it and wasn't impressed to tell you the truth. I was mostly getting messages from crude skanky young trashy women and was not impressed. I cancelled my account and vowed not to try this again, then Facebook arrives on the scene. I ignored it as long as I could, many of my friends were on there keeping up with the everyday goings on in friends lives. If you care about someone or somebody you find things they do interesting, at least I do. So I finally signed up for a Facebook account and have been having fun ever since. It didn't take long for businesses to catch on and use it for free advertising. Hey this is America and capitalism is alive and well here in the good ole USA. While at the shop the other day helping Brian I asked him about Facebook and I got the usual....."hell I ain't into that old facebookin' and online crap" he said. "Well I am" I said. Can I start a page for the shop? "Yeah if you want to, sure" he says. I get home and log off my account and start making another one for Hampton Trails and I now have us a page for the shop! Go here and become a fan or go to the right of my page and click on the advertisement and visit us. Heck if you don't live here and want some really crazy deals on great parts give Brian a call, 423-725-5000 ! We get STUPID deals on closeouts and demos from our suppliers and he passes these saving onto our peeps. Yea it sounds like a car salesman pitch but it's the truth. There is a reason that Hampton Trails was the #1 BMC dealer in 2008 and #2 in 2009. We are a teeny tiny shop and can accomplish that how? SERVICE & PRICES simply put! If you are one of my readers and don't live close by call Brian and tell him who and where you are and he will find you what you are looking for if it's available. So I am jumping on board to take advantage of the free advertising that Facebook provides, if you read this and you aren't a fan please go and become a fan. I would like to see how many fans I can get by the end of this month, then Feb. and then the end of the year. Thanks!
(bend over step down, kick soap box aside)

Sorry for the plug but B has been really good to me since I lost my job due to the economy 13 months ago. School is back at full steam now one class after the next. The ETSU cycling team is semi sorta becoming organized. We are making more decisions and there is some structure forming in the club. Our first race will be Feb. 27th at Georgia Southern. Lord I don't know how this is going to turn out. We are only doing three road races this season just to get a feel for how to better organize this next year. In April we are hosting a mountain bike race to raise money for the club, we are not a varsity sport so we have to raise money for entry fees and the other expenses which come out of our pocket, that hurts these college kids alot. It just shows me how much they love to ride and compete on their bikes when they are willing to spend their hard earned cash to race for a college they attend.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool! What's next " follow Hampton Trails on Twitter!"? hehe I'll bet Brain could post some pretty hilarious stuff in 140 characters or less.


No twitter! It's good for idol worship or following your favorite movie star thats about it in my opinion.

If B gets on her every other word will start with "P"....wink, wink

Riding with dogs said...

I can remember when you were anti FB. We need to work on Brandon.