Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's the FUTURE......

What's that? 10 speed on a Shimano trigger shifter? Well I had seen and read things about these but I have never laid hands upon a set until now. This was installed on a Masi Caffe bike that Brian got for an errand bike at the shop. So what? Sram beat everyone to the punch on the 10 speed shifter train; usually the first ones produced have bugs although I haven't heard anything good or bad about them yet. Another local shop sold a couple of bikes to some riders but they are just weekend warriors and don't socialize much so we probably won't be getting any worthy product reviews locally, heck the poor bikes probably will see more time hanging in the garage looking at the wall instead of dirt trails, sorry truth hurts sometimes. Does this sound familiar AKS? ha ha just kidding I know you have a zillion kids. Shimano 770 RapidFire Plus 20 speed shifters look like a minor version of the 2009 XT's. I plan on doing some more research on these because I was wanting Sram XX and give them a try. Yes I'm not a Sram fan but I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and try them. Needless to say I'm sooooo not a fan of Sram road components either. I don't like the way they shift, almost everyone I have seen using it has problems of one sort, mostly because of self induced mechanical work and won't stop tinkering with it. So I may be waiting to see if Shimano will give me a descent set of 2 X 10 drivetrain components. I would guess that all the high end mountain bike drive trains will be going the way of 10 speed just like the road did within the next 3-4 years. Heck you can't get a 9 speed Ultegra shifter anymore because they stopped making them, that sucks! I'm a big fan for 2 X 9 for the mountain! I wish it would have went that way instead of the other. When I started using 10 speed on the road, the places I only used to shift once I was now shifting twice although it wasn't that hard to get used to it was different. Change is good but not all change works. Sometimes I think they just "change" to make more money instead of doing it for "good" in the cycling world.

On another note a friend of mine lost his job due to this sucky (see pic below) economy, could everyone that reads this (yea both of you) say a small prayer for him. I know he really wants to go back to college and learn a different career path, lets help nudge him towards the first step which is the hardest. Go Duck!

Maybe Mr.Obama needs some help from ole Tiger with the economy??

It's warming up this coming week, heat wave 45 degrees by Thursday, time to get the road bike ready to hit the tarmac huh?

LAter G......................

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