Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The professors were sending out messages and emails way before the administration called off school today. It was an arctic wonderland this morning when I awoke. Winds howling at 30mph with gusts of 70mph reported on the mountains. One of my classes had already decided Monday to skip and just turn in our work on D2L. The ETSU jerseys were supposed to arrive today but they got held up because of the weather so hopefully tomorrow.

I'm anxious for the long awaited arrival and small boy dream bike, the "P.K. Ripper", yes my childhood dream bike. I wanted one of these so bad when I was 14. I would have had one but Panda Bicycles came through with a sponsorship with free frames and clothing so I chose the "free" ride instead. I still lusted for a tan colored PK Ripper although I raced for Panda. Alas, through some trading and selling and some swapping and bartering I finally have a sweet white PK Ripper frame set. I also scored a mid-school Floval Flyer for cruiser racing too! It will have to have some painting to get it up to snuff. I'm going with a baby blue base with black landing gear forks, all accessories will be black on the Floval. The Ripper will get a white and red scheme.

This is a 1980's PK. I like everything but the white tires

I'm not sure if I'm keeping the layout on the blog yet but so far I like this one best.

LAter G............................................


Riding with dogs said...

Better but still no cigar, I think your trying too hard. Lose the transparent background, if you wrote a really lengthy post I would have trouble reading the whole thing, kinda like when AC gets way to biggie wordy.



I can read my fonts way better than what's on your page though. Maybe it's my old man eyes, just sayin'

Riding with dogs said...

I'm not talking fonts homes, I'm saying it's too busy. As my old art teacher used to tell me "You've overworked it". Just a bit of constructive critisism.