Friday, February 19, 2010


After last nights meeting we are getting some structure into the cycling club at ETSU. The guys seem to accept the change, and I think, welcome the change. I have several new sponsors in the works and 3 fundraisers set so far, things are looking good.

Today we were getting some much needed cleaning of the ETSU Cyling trailer finished up before we tote it to Georgia next week. During this serious duty the head of the "yellow bike program" was ditching some bikes that were donated for it. These bikes were far gone and had met the great bike maker in the sky and could not be used at all. They were headed to the dumpster until...........

Tomorrow morning Ben, Schyler, Matt and myself head out for Winston-Salem and wake Forest University for a taste of what it's going to be like in the "road season" we have taken upon ourselves to race. I have seen the pre-reg list and there are alot of schools signed upfor this thing, looks like it may be interesting!

LAter G.......................

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Anonymous said...

No bike deserves such a demise..

The backround still needs work