Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boone, N.C. This Weekend

Yea I'm looking forward to this weekend! Great weather fore casted, great group of friends and lots of riding, almost all one can stand. Lets see- no classes Friday (thanks goodness) I have been working straight through for two days on a project grant proposal for wind produced renewable energy at ETSU for my english class. It was rough! So I need a break! That's where this weekend comes in to play. Leave out sometime Friday for a short 2hr drive to North Wilkesboro N.C. for the second annual 6hrs of Warrior Creek race. This race sold out quick this year, good news travels fast. Apparently the WC promoter doesn't take after GoneRiding promoters and gives his racers more than just a bib# when they come to race, snap! I sadly say that I'm only going to this event for the camaraderie and good times. Appy State has a "out of conference" road race this weekend just 30 minutes away so I'm going to try to hit the road race on Saturday and/or the crit on Sunday. My plan is to do the crit for sure on Sunday. So I guess I will be taking both the bikes with me on my trip.

So the Floval Flyer finally got its last coat of baby blue paint today. The horrible orange is gone buried forever (I hope) under two coats of black primer and three coats of baby blue hue to her. I think I will let it dry for a couple of days before I start to reassemble it. This should turn out pretty good although you can see the sand blasting marks in the metal now with a light color on it.
This is what my goal is..............although this is a 24" quadangle my Floval Flyer should look close, that's the plan anyway! THe BMX season starts next week at Morristown!

LAter G...........................

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