Saturday, March 6, 2010

Small Hoops Rock!

photo cred: Geoff Fryer

It's been 3 1/2 long years since my feet have clipped into the pedals of a BMX bike. Man did I miss this too! I forgot how fun it is to pump the bike through a rhythm section or manualing over jumps. I was giddy as a school girl when myself and Geoff, one of my collegiate teammates and Collegiate National Champion, rolled up into the parking lot of the Walters State Expo Center. I went in and was immediately greeted by the Morristown track director James Crockett. We were both grinning from ear to ear. We talked a bit then I had to get ready for..... for what I was hoping to be something good. It's been a long time since I raced a 20" inch BMX bike. I got a call from Wes in the KY telling me he was headed that way when I was out in the exploder, sweet. Wes and one of his buds from Union were coming to give it a try with the mountain bikes.
photo cred: Geoff Fryer

Friday night's pre-race:

Moto #1, I got about a dozen gates in during practice and I was SLOW. I didn't have the gate snap that I used to have but that was to be expected after my 3yr drought of BMX. Moto's get posted and there were about 40 motos (or different classes). I got moto #11 with 4 guys. Motos go fast in BMX, so shortly after I was setting locked and loaded on the launch pad ready for my first race in over 3 years. The automatic recording starts "riders ready, watch the gate" beep-beep-beep-baaah sounds the horn and the gate drops. I launch hard and get to the first turn in 2nd, I hold it to the finish, not bad for no training, practice or the first time on this P.K. Ripper I thought to myself.

Moto #2, I roll up, get into the gate feeling a "little" cocky from the last moto. Gate drops again, I manage to stay only half a bike length off the lead guy. Just before the last jump in the first straight he cuts across my front wheel and I have to brake or go down, I brake. The other two dudes pass me in the first turn because I lost all momentum. I settle in on the next straight using it to set up to out pump them through the rhythm section on the next straight. I rail the second turn high and head into the rhythm section down the left side, I catch the guy in second at the end of the rollers outpumping them but I have to hold a high line around the final turn, not good! One of the guys I just passed rolls straight up the berm and pimps me hard at the edge of the berm. I have two choices; hit the brakes or drop off the backside of a 10ft berm, I chose brakes and roll in last place. I got owned! BAD! -insert big frown and pissed off face here-

Main Moto, I'm mentally prepped for the main after getting owned in the 2nd moto. I have a small talk with myself telling myself 3 years ago I could have dropped these guys like a bad habit easily. I load into the gate for the main. This moto is for all the marbles, what you finish is what you get for a final placing. I crank sooo hard when the gate drops and at the entrance to the first turn I can't see anyone to the left or right of me! Holeshot I think, then just about that time some dude shoots right up in front of me stealing the holeshot and we go down the second straight together. He out pedals me to the second turn and I follow. That's the way we go to the line, 1 - 2. I manage a 2nd overall for Friday night's pre-race. I'll take it ! -insert big grin here-

All I can think of is an old McDonalds commercial................"I'm Lovin' it"
I can't think of a better way to start a spring break! 2nd place, no classes next week and moving into the new pad!

LAter G.....................................


Darth Duncan said...

They were showing BMX on Versus the other day. Good job, maybe we'll see you on TV one day?


Thx, but I doubt Where was the race at on VS?