Friday, September 24, 2010


The view from my hoopty every morning at 7am....

This week the school has just crawled under my skin and just infested it. First, I get a small $10 ticket for parking the way I have parked since this fall semester has started. This is a parking lot not a street, it used to be a street though 20 years ago. The school enforces a rule (not law) that you cannot park with your "left" wheels against any curb, another ignorant rule. I take time to go to this poor student worker and plead my case so that I may get an appeal form. This school is eat up with "forms" !!! Everyone wants a form of some sort BUT they can't tell ya where to get said forms, pure incompetence runamuck!

Next, I get an email informing me that the school is not going to have the conference finals collegiate CX race "on campus" again. Three Dr.'s now say that the grounds won't be able to recover from the damage. They didn't even know what a dam CX race was before we asked for permission. One of the schools employees stated that it's the schools standard.....mediocrity. What are these goofballs going to do when the USAC gets a Olympic training facility in our back yard and the University next to it doesn't even have a varsity Cycling Team? Oh but we have a golf team, a softball team, a soccer team, a baseball team and a track team. Ha, so does Science Hill "HIGH SCHOOL" !!! I coud run a varsity Cycling Team at ETSU for a pittance of what the other teams budget is! Our team has packed 15 huys in one hotel room, slept in the van, on the ground, eat Subway sandwiches for main meals all because they love the sport of cycling and want to be able to compete with other colleges. Sacrifice! What does rec do this year? (thanks to the Tn. Board of Regents) Takes away the only mode of transportation we have to get the team to events...access to ETSU motor pool.

I had yet another issue arise on my local mountain bike club forum this week as well. We have this dude that every time he gets on the forum to make a comment he slams the club and it's officers. I just can't sit back and take stuff like that. I'm outspoken and usually always speak my mind about such things. The dude has issues to say the least, I really think he needs to seek professional help, who knows he may already be doing so but if he is it's not working. The clubs officers, which are the best thing that's happened to this club, take the stand "leave him alone, don't engage him, that's what he's looking for is strife" policy. He may be but I disagree with that policy. That's what the pic below is for....dead, off air, no one home...............when asked to deal with the DB.

Well, I think that not doing anything about it is making a choice. Not making a choice about an issue is making a choice from my point of view. What if this crazy knucklehead shows up at a meeting and blows everyone to kingdom come? It could happen! I just like using my freedom of speech is all and my buds in the official positions would rather me not. I hope they don't take offense with me but I disagree with how they handle this issue. I consider myself lucky to have these guys running the show and it's the only issue I have ever had with them. Anywho it's been a week, Brian out in Vegas at the bike show, me the only one at the shop, tons of homework, issue after issue with the ETSU club. I don't like rough seas gimme back my quite pond..............
In a few hours it's off to Clemson University in S.C. this weekend for the next to last mountain bike collegiate race of the 2010 season, hope we do well.
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