Sunday, November 14, 2010

Press, Tubulars, Recalls and Slow CX

Yes, I'm the recipient of old age jokes at college but it doesn't bother me in the least. I can dish as well as take it!

Finally the JC Press comes out with the article they promised last week, clubs at ETSU. There were several quotes from riders inside the article and a short description of the cycling club at ETSU so Thanks to JC Press for the props! There's a real good picture of Thomas at Nationals then a bubble type pic of Thomas, Ben and myself along the brick wall.

Some of my buds have been having problems with their tubulars....... I glued my first tubular when I was 14 but we called them "sew-ups" back then racing BMX. Yes we little guys raced on 1-1/8" glued tires back in the day. I'm not sure what the problem is but I have been approached several times this season by racers and friends alike wanting me to glue CX tires on for them. Well in this biz your only as good as the last one you glued. Everyone makes mistakes but when you can't keep a tire glued to a rim something is amiss. Sometimes tires or rims get so much glue residue on them that you will never get a good bond between the tire and the rim unless you start "fresh/clean" again. Sometimes you gota man up buy a new tire and start over. I do know that curing it is the most important. Keep that freshly glued tire in a room where the heat stays above 70 minimum and let that puppy cure for days not just 24 hrs! I don't care what the directions say. Don't leave it out in the garage where it's cool, keep the glue warm while it cures, at least room temp or you'll be sorry............
***before you start all of this take some masking tape and cover all your braking surfaces, at the end of this you will be glad you did and it will make cleanup a breeze.***

Step 1. After stretching the tubular tire (very important), apply one coat of Vittoria’s Mastik One glue (or your preferred brand) to the rim and tire; let set for 24 hours. Thin coats of glue are key to good setup.

Step 2. Apply a second thin layer of glue to the rim and tire. Let dry. Then add tubular tape to the rim, pressing it against the rim to smooth the tape out.

Step 3. Peel the backing off the tape revealing the second adhesive side, and apply a thin layer of glue to this side of the tape and a third layer to the tire before mounting the tire to the rim. Thin layers, thin layers, thin layers, read carefully, thin layers.

Step 4. Inflate the tubular to 80 psi in order to make sure the tire is properly seated on the rim. Then drop the pressure to around 50 or 60 psi to let the glue cure fully not just overnight either. Meticulous time spent here will save rolled tires on the course! For highly detailed instructions go here. I don't like gluing tubulars for this reason; they will eventually roll or the longevity of the glue bond becomes weak. When this happens it's at a most frustrating time for the rider (usually during a "big/important") race. Then the person that glued that tire................. hmmm get my drift?

Check for the latest news on the Giant full suspension bike recall..... click on the picture for the story. You can get the latest on the Titus crash/debacle over there also. Tell 'em scooby sent ya!
Saturday I hit the local MSG series race in Bristol at Steele Creek Park. I only had time for the collegiate race, it was to be a painful one. It looked more to me like a Lees McRae training ride, 15 of those speed demons in our class. I don't train so these things put a whoopin' on me. I also usually start cold as the salami in your grocers freezer, no warm-up. Sort of like slug/snail drag racing for me. I hold on for about a lap or two then drift off to never never land settling in for a aerobic workout hoping that the leaders that are in the 'A' class catch me so I won't have to endure another lap of pain and defamation of my physical abilities - although it's true - I suck. It's a catch 22; if you wanna get fast you must train.......meh. If you wanna go faster you must spend $$$$$$$ for a trainer or books or a program, nah I'll pass. If I had a goal to beat more than just the local peeps around here, maybe but probably meh. I have seen many cyclists train with a friend of mine (most know this person) over the last 3-4 years and it, for the most part, ends with some animosity. "Usually" (from my vantage point) a rider expects more than they are physically capable of and the trainer gets blamed or the trainer expects more from the athlete and the rider is blamed. It's nuts I tell ya.
That's why we need a CAT6 class for road and a CAT5 for CX. Peeps that just wanna race for fun and don't want to have to train and get all competitive and such. Just pay for your USAC insurance and race, lol. Maybe after three laps everyone regroups and has a beer chugging contest together before the final lap ya know, fun crazy racing! Oh well, I'm just rambling here being hypocritical, outspoken, rude, harsh or whatever. I apologize if this offends anyone. We all have our demons inside that we want to conquer or feel that we have to conquer, I'm just amused at how serious some peeps get in this little speck of the world I call home. I guess some folks 'need' to be admired by their peers....???
LAter G.................................

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