Sunday, December 12, 2010

Almost There

" Ahh some light at the end of the tunnel"

Just a few more days and Finals will be over, oYea! I can already feel the stress level subsiding. The season is upon us and I'm just starting to get some CHRISTmas cheer and spirit. School consumed me this semester. Riding, exercising, friends, family and my personal life all took a toll this semester. That will probably be my new year's resolution (although I usually don't do resolutions for New Years); not to get consumed by school. I plan on easing up a bit and staying away from 17-18 hr semesters. I would say my limit is 12-14 hrs, yes I'm an old fogey. If I was one of those "rich" kids and DIDN'T have to keep any kind of job I could probably do that many hours but I'm far from "monetary" rich.

With classes coming to an end my plan is to wear out the cassette on the mountain bike before spring semester starts. 4 weeks and I hope ole man winter decides to be nice for that period.

I have been putting off and putting off getting a professional bike fit for over a year now. There has been a wave of people I know getting fitted and raving about it. Really, when one thinks about "how much $$ we spend on bikes and gear" (famous quote from UCI Wondergem) a bike fit should be given serious consideration! I change bikes so much that I have never wanted to waste the $$ on the fit for something I know I will be selling at the end of the season. With the arrival of the carbon HT BMC I'm most certain that I will be holding onto this for quite some time. So............ today I have an appointment to be fitted to the hardtail. Yea, lasers and the whole sha-bang. I was told I can transfer the measurements over to the full suspension pretty easy so that's the plan after I get the fit. My back has been giving me problems when I ride more than 2.5-3hrs or over 25 miles on the mountain bike. On the road bike it hits me at about the same in time or even sooner if I'm riding a climbing route. Maybe the broken back from '04 is creeping back into my life and making problems? Not sure but this fit is hopefully going to fix this if not hello Dr. Perry - again.

Last night I missed the BIG "Tacky Christmas Sweater" party at Capt. Dingo's house. I saw on FB this morning some pics of the super duper annual event. That party is always a blast and I'm looking forward to the write up later this week and the pics! From what I did see some of the peeps went ALL out on costumes. I could swear that I saw Will Ferrel "the ELF" in one of them!

LAter G...................................

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