Monday, January 10, 2011


This weekend I was able to acquire a Litespeed Tuscany frameset from Andy "I will punch you in the freakin' face" Mullins. (I don't know why Capt. Dingo refers to him this way but If G can I will too). It took some time to get Andy to let this go, I think I worked on him for at least two weeks. I have to say that I don't have those kinda skills I really think he wants a NINER 29er! So what did I do today while it was single digits this morning? I adorned it with my Campy group............

So, Saturday night I was at Capt. Dingo's hizzle along with some of his buds. I geniously arranged for Andy to bring it there so I could pick it up. After our little driveway deal I started to get heckled about how long I would "keep" this in my possession after returning inside. I heard "he will sell it before he builds it up" and "he won't have it when June arrives I bet". I will agree that I do move the bikes through the stables quite a bit so it was all well deserved. Capt. Dingo was throwing around six pack bottles of brewskies to back his Vegas style gambling slang at the table. Even Fat Tony was giving me his "Vegas" odds as well. I know for a fact that G said I would sell it before I even built it up.......... He owes somebody one sixer already!

From everything that I have read on the cycling forums this frame is pretty sweet. I will admit I probably won't keep it after I re-acquire another BMC or Masi on closeout. I just didn't want to be hung-out unable to road ride when the weather breaks. It doesn't look like the weather is going to break though. With another storm dropping off another layer of fluff tonight, that will keep the MTB trails mushy and make for super cold wind chills if one decides to hit the asphalt on the skinnies. I will give some mad props to the peeps that get out in this mess to train. I can't possibly see how it's raising their fitness levels but at least they're riding! One word....... BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

This weekend the last UCI race comes to our backyard in Kingsport. I may go all out and throw down in CX4 and SS on Saturday then try to recover on Sunday in a homeboy MTB class that the MSG crew threw in for kicks. I looked at the 10 day weather forecast and it's saying highs in the 40's and sunny all weekend................ that's now though. It's supposed to snow all week!

The Yeti DJ project is coming along........... just some el cheapo cranks needed (which I think I have covered), brakes (that I just found on Ebay "for a steal") so all I'm needing is a right 9spd shifter. MRP is hooking the ETSU team up with a pretty sick deal on their products so I'm going to pop for a chainguide for it as well. Look out slalom and 4X! I'm also going to hit Morristown BMX with it some since I signed up for the Champion package race program at NBL. Fun times ahead hopefully.

LAter G.............................

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