Monday, February 14, 2011


Man what a weekend! After the stupid long snowy winter we have had here in East Tennessee spring poked it's nose out from a crack somewhere and gave everyone here a sneak peak of things to come. I wasn't going to let this "warm" opportunity slip by.

Day 1;

Meet Fat Tony and Iron Man Dillow at Warriors Path State Park for a lap in very chilly temps. Then later Capt. Dingo was to arrive after he got some beauty sleep from working 3rd shift. The first lap around the trails left frozen ground in our wake but after about an hour or so the trails were getting nasty where the sun was radiating the ground. There was nastiness abound everywhere so I was on the side trying not to hurt the trail. After one lap and a refill of the H20 bottles we were back at it. This lap it was messier, alot messier! It was getting nearer to the time to pick Austin up soon so I opted out of completing a second lap but mainly because of the trail conditions.

Day 2;

Today the skinnies were not just calling my name, they were screaming it. It has been giving me the stink eye everytime I walk by it in the house for sometime now. My goal for the day - 40-50 miles. The only factor that would keep me from the road bike was the weather forecast. Mr. Weatherman was forecasting 15-20 winds all day. I'm no where in the shape I should be in so I wasn't wanting to fight the wind on the skinnies all day. I was to make my decision at 1pm. It was a super mild day with the wind no where what was predicted. It's a go! I left the house and headed for ETSU to do a lap of the "TNR" a local ride around here on Thursday nights. As I rolled up to the main parking lot peeps were gathering, I had forgot about a posted road ride that was going on at 2pm. "What the heck I will just ride out with them" I thought to myself. I had a pretty good ride down to Lamar where I broke from the group to do my "own thang". Then I headed over to climb Buffalo to inflict some pain on my legs. It was slow goin' - I was slower than molasses running uphill in the winter. So slow I made myself climb it again punishing myself for being a slug.

A wonderful weekend (Bike Palooza) on the bike was had! Such a tease for what's to come this spring. If I didn't have spring fever.................. I DO NOW!

Here's a pic below that I found while surfing in WWW land....... strange??

LAter G.............................

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