Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Well, I'm glad I made the short trek to Bay's for the 20th annual Mtn Bike Rally at Bay's Mtn for Funfest. There were only 66 riders entered which for the most part I have never seen on a bike anywhere in our small area. It's funny how so many people ride but so few help on the trails in our area. Anyway I could open up a huge can of worm there but I won't... you're welcome :-p

Props go out to Wes Lamberson and Eric Wondergem for ripping the legs off the field. I think Wes managed a 1:02:00 and Eric a 1:05:00 for a 1, 2 finish. Wes was shootin' for a sub hour, he almost made it! Great job guys.

Above Matt (ETSU Teammate on a SS), Jared (Former ETSU rider) and Jesse (Anytime Fitness Rider) managed a 1,2,3 but not in that order. The young pups killed it too but Im not sure exactly what their times were. Something in the 1:15ish range I think but don't quote me. They gave stuffed wolves, bears and squirrels away as awards with badges on them from the planetarium.

Our boy C.O.B. managed to win a prize as well! He's a proud mamajamma! Me? I actually did better than I thought I was capable of. I didn't push it as hard as I could have and when you do that you always usually regret it. I managed a 1:29:00 just behind Jordan whom we swung by and picked up cuz his parents had to work late. He's recovering from a broken elbow and I would never had been able to stay with him if it had not been for it being his 4th time on the bike after healing up, he's pretty quick for a youngster. I started out like a deisel as usual and after the warmup climb I was huffing pretty bad. After relocating my wind I set in on Jordans pace which wasn't too bad. There was alot more single track for the guys that have to have ST or else. I made up tons of time passing several riders that would pass me on the climbs. I gota give some love to my Niner though, every time I ride that thing it impresses me. The handling is spot on, not like the BMC TE01, but dam good for big hoops!

Our local MTB club hardly made a presence and I was really surprised! I only saw one, count it, one NTMBA jersey being worn. There are usually several running around at this event because it's right in the heart of NTMBAland. I guess most had to work or something, it is hard to attend when an event starts at 5:30pm. Anywho, lots of thanks go to the people that put this on every year. I think Larry said it was the 20th year, wow! Thanks for sticking in there Larry!

Next ride looks like the White Lightning "fun race" for me. Another event provided by the local Funfest group on Saturday. Sunday I "may" be rolling across the Mtn to ride along with 400 other peeps doing the ORAMM. I 'm not thinking it will be good and my back will probably let go around the 40 mile mark of the 63 but I'm going to go as far as I can for as long as I can if I go. Monday? well short track is back on for every Monday til it gets dark. I'm in for a beating, hopefully a little fitness improvement will come from this madness? No? Maybe? With me who knows.

LAter G......................

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