Monday, December 19, 2011


Like I stated earlier I was bound and determined to get on the road bike this weekend and I did! I did not put rubber to asphalt though. Due to the frigid temps and lack of confidence in the ankle I bolted the BMC Team Machine to the fluid trainer and clicked on the little arrow in the laptop video player and started suffering. I was able to get my hands on all the Sufferfest videos for this indoor riding/trainer season. I really dislike the trainer but it was a welcomed feeling to get the pedals spinning again. I managed to do a couple hours this weekend on the trainer. My ankle didn't totally agree 100% with the recent exercise. It's a little bit tender but it's going to be ok, I think. I really don't know if I'll chance it in the woods or not yet. I'm just waiting on the mid 50's to get back this week to get on the road, yes I know I need to HTFU!

Now that I'm a Sufferarian I may continue to do the set of training videos when it's below 40*. If you're not familiar with these just google them. They are some of the bestest trainer videos that I've ever used says I. They keep you engaged with a nice video format and a constant display of what effort you're supposed to be giving along with your cadence. There are also a couple of sounds that alert you to a tempo change as well to keep your attention on the job at hand. For not being 100% and able to get on the trails the sweatfest in the living room this weekend was just what the doctor ordered!

LAter G............................

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