Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It's almost time for the last installment of collegiate BMX. I'm kinda of skeptical if we'll pull it off because of the weather. No worries, The plan is to head down to Atlanta for Monster Energy Supercross afterwards anyway since its right there in the back yard of the BMX track.

I'm posting a few more pics that some of the Mars Hill folks snapped while we were at Greeneville, SC this past weekend. Nice and dry for motos 1 & 2 to snow storm for moto 3.....

This is what I like seeing when I go to the ATL for SX. The logistics for all this racing. I really have to fight back the MX bug when I go watch moto-x. The gas fumes and the noise.... my, how that makes me want another dirt bike! Love me some lime green!

I finally got the fork travel adjusted on the 6fiddy and rode it on the trails Monday. What a huge difference! The bike responds quite nicely now and ALL the sluggishness is no more. It responds to body english much better than it did. I like the bike and I'm totally impressed with the 650 platform. The thing I like best is how it climbs. It still rolls over things quite easily but the snap of the wheels when your climbing beats the 29 easily. It doesn't have the super quick response of a 26" wheel but it's easily more responsive than the 29" wheels. Yes, before you ask I'm using Stans rims on both the 650 and the 29er ...and double butted spokes of the same manufacturer.

Looking forward to this weekend and hopefully I'll have plenty of pics to post up here next week.

LAter G.....................

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