Tuesday, February 5, 2013


On Saturday Feb. 2nd, 2013 USAC Collegiate racing made cycling history with the first ever BMX race in the SECCC conference. Thanks to Steven Penland and myself we arranged to have 4 races in the month of February and March. Yes there was a USAC Collegiate National last year for BMX but there were no qualifying races or conference ones though. I hope we can get the season pushed out a tad bit for next years season.

I'm loaded in the gate at the far left of the first picture. There was 4 A riders and 2 B riders. 2 of the racers were USA BMX Pros. That gate dropped and they were gone. ETSU riders managed a 4th in A's and 1st in B's so it was a good day for the ETSU Cycling team. We hope the turnout will be alot bigger at the new few. The UCI Cyclocross Worlds was taking place at Louisville KY the same weekend so we were missing a few riders.

I'm being patient and not riding the saturated trails around here. This 650b sitting here is screaming to hit a trail. I could take it to Buffalo but that's just gravel roads and I won't get the real feel for this bike until I can get it on real trails. If it keeps snowing every weekend I'm going to have the tires worn out from riding in my drive. We've been hitting Buffalo Mountain almost exclusively because of the wet and nasty conditions around here.

Snow, snow and more snow. The Maxxis Southern series starts in 4 weeks. It'll be another racing change from 45 minutes of all out CX racing to a steady 2hrs of mountain bike racing. Training races is what my coach calls them.... ugh!!!

LAter G.............................

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