Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gettin' Ahead and Gettin' Ready

Wow, we've had 3 days of non-stop............. sunshine. Yes, I said sunshine! No rain, no storms and no nothing. Don't think I haven't taken advantage either. The Niner has been getting the miles put to her. Skylar and I drove over to Bent Creek at the first of the week and rode through more than normal mud holes over there. The trails were in great shape but all that water hasn't left the trail yet.

Short track was going good Wednesday night until I ran over something that put a small cut into my NEW maxxis ignitor. Remember when I said I was testing the new sealants? Well, I do not recommend the Continental liquid at all. I rolled the cut on the tire down to 6 O'clock so the sealant could fill the small cut..... it just spewed every ounce of white milky liquid out onto the ground along with all the air... I've seen Stan's stop cuts/leaks bigger than the one I had very quickly. So continental tire sealant gets 2 thumbs down from me. It's Stan's forever!

My job prospect didn't come through even after that extensive interview that they gave me. It was a huge leap for me but I knew without a doubt I was the man for that job. You know the saying "its good to get your foot in the door"? Well, I think I was able to get my whole body in the door! Some valuable information and great networking contacts were made. Next fall looks so good I may need shades.... we'll see.

Classes start in 10 days. Some of the colleges around here are starting Monday though. Our first collegiate MTB race is the 31st at Alabama and I'm ready to go. Time to take on those young whipper-snappers in the woods. I do plan a short mountain bike season though to jump straight into early MSG cx season starting September 28/29 in Kingsport's Domtar park. My 45 minute race pace is not where I expected it to be after all the riding and training this summer so I'm prepping myself for the pain train to come. MSG, NCCX and AVLCX should be a great season ahead! Click the links to see what's going on in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina.

LAter G..........................

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