Friday, August 2, 2013

Orange Peel?? No Seal...

No! Not that kind of orange seal......... goof! The kind below.... B was given a sales pitch for the new Orange Seal tire sealant. He seemed to like the pitch. We'll see how it does because we've installed this stuff in a few mountain and road tires the last few days...

 The back of the kit looks kewl. Ride more!

 This is what the stuff looks like..... yes, it's a pale orange color too. It feels like a watered down Stan's if you ask me.

The tape? Well its a lot thinner the the Stans tape for sure. One thing I like is that its much more flexible than the Stans. Stans tape is brittle but tough. One layer will get the job done with Stans if you're good at taping rims. The Orange Seal needs 2 layers because its very thin although I think you could possibly get by with just one layer if you're extra careful.

I've got an open mind when it comes to new bike stuff. I've been using/testing the Continental sealant for several weeks now. So far so good. There's been a lot of hype about Stans being bad for your rims. Something bout it corroding the aluminum or something. I've never had a problem with the stuff to tell you the truth. The Conty sealant seals up just as good as anything I've used to date, so there.

The job interview went well Thursday! I'm still not spilling the beans due to the "jinx" factor. Oh and by the way... remember when moto-van gave me a shot across the bow just before I was to leave for Colorado? Well coming back from the interview the radiator shot it's wad out the top of the thing. I'm glad I carry my emergency bin with me. I was back on the road semi-repaired in minutes. If I had been out west this would have happened during my trip. Wonder where you get a radiator up in the Rockies? Oh how the good Lord above was watching out for me, whew. After a trip to Advance Auto, a couple of hundred dollars later and one hour of my labor I had the radiator installed. I was really surprised how easy it was to access and remove. In and out in no time!

Now I sit and play the waiting game!

LAter G.....................................

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