Friday, October 25, 2013

SLEET? SNOW? & Collegiate MTB Nats

Its that time of year again. When the red and gold colors paint the mountains with beautiful fall colors in the Appalachian Mountains. It's also that time of year when collegiat MTB nationals take place too. This year, after 4 long years out West, we return to the east coast slopes of Beech Mtn, NC. It's also funny how the warm temps abruptly left our part of the country and were replaced by very cold temps and that white stuff called snow.

I had to attend the USAC officials meeting last night so that we could get our assignments for the weekend and go through the rider meeting and introductions. I was lucky to get this apprenticeship with the collegiate national event and even gave a couple of fist pumps when I got the email earlier this week. Sadly I couldn't ref Friday on the mountain because of getting called into work but here I sit in a nice warm room and not out in the freezing 20-30 degree temps that were on the mountain this morning. Oh well have to make a living first.

I snapped this pic below while driving up the mountain yesterday afternoon. The color is at it's peak right now in the North Carolina mountains...
I snatched this pic from Brevard's facebox page below. They were walking the DH course Thursday. Notice all the frozen tree limbs covered with ice.

This pic below is from the Beech Mtn facebox page. Beautiful pic!

One of the riders posted this on Twitter from their chalet on the slopes. Yes it snowed and sleeted last night!

Another early morning pic of what the STX racers were going to be riding in/on... maxed out inhaling 30 degree air, OUCH!

below: Lees McRae rider & 2013 National U23 Champion Kerry Werner takes 3rd unofficially in STX this morning... go SECCC!

DH seeding and practice is what's left on the plate for today. Tomorrow morning we start with XC then the final runs of DH in the afternoon. The temps are supposed to rise a tad though with the high supposed to get in the 50's Saturday but I'm not holding my breath with the way the wind blows on Beech. Go SECCC !

More later...

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