Friday, November 28, 2008


That's what Angie and I did first thing Thursday morning. We ran a 5k! What a way to get up and start the day, it was great. Attendance was down from 3000 last year to 2200 this year the radio said. My time was in the gutter, barely under 30 minutes. Can you say I sucked? Greg also ran it with us. He crushed my time though. I tried to keep his pace for the first mile but soon realized that hes a better runner than I so I backed off to a pace I knew I could sustain. We were darting and dodging dogs, kids and people that would just stop running to walk in the very first mile. The air was very cold (29 deg) and my lungs can't stand cold air in them. Angie finished a few minutes behind me. After it was over we were leaving headed back to the house and Greg comes up to the car in haste and asks if he can use my cell. He had locked his keys in his car....ooopppssss. I took Angie back home then gave Mr. Carr a ride half way home to meet Melinda, his wife, to get a spare key. Took him back and then proceeded home to get ready for the Thanksgiving festivities. I was actually very good! I didn't over indulge even though I could have very easily. Austin is starting to eat alot more, I think he out did me!!

here we are ready for the start.................................................

After a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, Austin asked if he could hang with some friends Friday and I said OK. Then I got to thinking..... "earlier this week Andy asked if I wanted to go to Iron Mtn Friday". Hey... I may be able to go now. So I did. I met Andy and Brandon at 9am and we proceeded up to Damascus,Va. via Andy's Element (thanks for driving Andy). I have to get me one of those. Elements ROCK!!! We met Dave, Scott, Anthony and some other guy at the Laughing Dog for our frozen adventure. We shuttled up to God knows where, then I was lost all day wondering where they were taking me. Most of the mountain was snow covered and wet. Our first climb consisted of an ICE and SNOW laden forest service road for 2 miles up. We never seen or heard any hunters even though we were riding smack dab in the middle of hunting season. We eventually made it back to town semi-frozen, then proceeded to Bella's in Abingdon for some pizza and my favorite adult beverage New Castle. I recognized a few of the trails from the Iron Mtn race in '07 but everything else was obsolete to me. We got in a little over 22 BUMPY miles. My legs were aching all day from the 5K though. Not enough to keep me from pedaling just the normal stuff, like walking, squatting and bending over. I guess that's what I get for not keeping up on my running. Great day for a frozen ride though. It would have been miserable except for all the the guys that made it a great ride. Way to hang in there Brandon. Thanks guys and Happy Thanksgiving




Later G.............................................................................


Christopher said...

you kids look like you're dressed for snow ain't got cold yet !!! ha
Glad you had fun.
hate I missed Iron Mtn.

Riding with dogs said...

thanks for the ride Thurs, I owe ya a cold one

Alan Sparks said...

Iron Mtn was rough, snow everywhere. Wished you could have made it Chris. When can you get back out?

No problem Greg, your welcome. I should buy you the beer for whoopin' my but running! ha ha

Christopher said...

not sure when i'll be back, doc just said the ribs weren't broke...most likely cracked.
I'm just kind of taking it week by week to see how I feel. I'm signed up for a half marathon in Feb and all this eating and sitting around watching cartoons isn't helping my 'training'...ha