Saturday, December 6, 2008


Who predicted snow for today? All I heard was flurries and a high of 40. Well it never made it to 40 and we got more than flurries. We did get enough snow to make it interesting, just about when the 3's were racing it started. Then the Pro's, SS and Jrs. got a nice slick snow covered course to slip and slide on.
Today was #5 in the Mud Sweat and Gears series at Bristol's Steele Creek Park. I was going to get up early and go help put the course up but Austin's last minute change of plans Friday changed all that. Instead we rolled in about 8:30 to a frozen lake and grass S.C. park. Dwayne had changed the course up somewhat where we came down around the parking lot to hit the barriers. We got a sweet spot right in front of them so we could sit in the car with the heat on and spectate like many others also did. It was cold! 24 degrees when we got there and it never hit more than 26 the whole time we were there.
I hit Rob's trainer for about 15 minutes to get warm as I could before tackling the frozen tundra. I arrived at the starting line on time and ready to go. Attendance was somewhat down it seemed in the 4's. We all got set and accounted for then we were off! I will be glad when the sandbaggers move on up too. We have several in the Cat4 group in the MSG series. Anywhoo... After about 5 minutes into this I didn't know if I would be able to make it 4-5 laps, honestly. The skin piercing cold air that I was inhaling every breath HURT. Hurt I say! I dropped off to the back to stay out of everyone's way feeling like I was. I just tried to get my breathing under control and follow. I didn't get a chance to pre-ride the course so all of it was new to me. I know the terrain but not how Dwayne had laid it out this time. We dropped off a 12ft bank, did a U-turn and everyone in front of me almost stopped. I just pedalled through about 6 riders and ran it up this steep incline. I hopped back on and started pedaling again. I just set a meager pace just looking to finish then Kim passes me and just strolls off (she's such a good rider). I just kept my pace for another lap and I started seeing a TCRC jersey, so I upped it a little to catch them and it was Kim. I guess she saw me and flipped the switch on the NOS and was gone. I watched Mark and he didn't look like he was closing and then I didn't see him anymore. I just kept on doing my thang. The ground was rock solid frozen @ 24 degrees and therefore very bumpy. I caught a glimpse of a Lees McRae rider coming up on the last lap so I upped the anty a little to keep from being caught. It worked and I managed a 13th for the days work. My Shimano shifters froze up on the 3rd lap then my fingers went numb. My toes froze off and started to sting also. I didn't use my shoe covers so that's my dumb fault. The course never got slick although I wrecked once on the off-camber section in a turn. I would just like to mention Dwayne and Eric have done a superb job this year with the MSG series, the last one #6 is next Saturday in J.C., I myself can't wait!!

Guess who that is in the awesome orange socks and you will win a prize! Angie bought me these awesome soccer socks and I'll be darn if they didn't help keep my calves warm. Don't know what kind of statement I'm making but I like 'em. Wes and his teammate wear red and white "cat in the hat" striped ones, I just think they rock.

I skipped the SS class to watch Austin although I registered for it. I never get to watch him race since they combine both the SS and Jr. classes in the same heat. I was definitely dressed for the occasion and ready to play 'coach'. He rode hard, especially for the adverse conditions. He doesn't get to ride that much, only when he's at my house, so I thought he did an excellent job placing 3rd!!!!! I did have to push him a bit though by shouting some. He developed a stomach cramp with less than 1\4 lap to go and I kept after him all the way to the finish where he fell over like he ran out of gas ... lol. He didn't want to wear his cycling gear so I let him wear what he wanted to.... not my choice of gear for the conditions that's for sure.

He was yelling at this point on the last lap........cramp!!! cramp!!!

Yep that's my son for sure! Giving the peace sign WHILE he's racing. I'm proud of him, he hung tough today! This finish should put him in 3rd for the overall also! Way to Go Austin....Love Ya!!

Special thanks to ALL the volunteers that braved the freezing temps to help us enjoy what we love to do-race CX! Thanks to Bart Nave for bearing the untolerable cold with all his photography gear to bring us all those great shots that we can view and purchase on his website. I have got to where I can't wait to view the montage at the beginning of his web page. I have been very lucky to grace them a couple of times too! Well that's about it for the racing today, next Saturday at Winged Deer Park is the grand finale'. See ya there.
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