Friday, December 5, 2008


Alot of my friends like to give me crap about the bike brand I like to ride AND support. That's cool though, I'm a big guy and can take it. Several years ago Specialized (SPECIAL..ED - When you drop the "iz") through a shop in S.C. , helped me out ALOT when I was racing seriously in BMX. Yes I used to be a older BMX'er.... (still am when I get the chance) That's why I continue to promote them with nothing in return. They not only make some of the best bikes in the world but they have the most awesome customer service that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I was googling and I came across some pics that might be entertaining.


This one is for all the homies.. I think they spelled it wrong. Shouldn't it read Shawt Bus or Shawty?

You're Special from all of us here at DONKEY above windshield!

This is one cool bug bus. I have dibs on this one!

He shouldn't make fun of folks that way.....

Gots to have one for my Latino Bra

Ultimate bike carrier or maximum bike carrying one

Can't forget the rednecks around here. They won't ride, they just shuttle you and your bike around in the mountains before they make you squeal like a pig....

Just for Anthony! He really likes those pink bottle cages on his SS

And for our senior citizens............ Rapid transportation to Wal-Mart



Later G......................................................

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