Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beat'n Bang'n and Fussin'

I changed the oil in the Exploder and then Angie's VW. Then I started on the rear end of the Explorer and I lost it. The Ford Explorer is cursed with a rear end that sags, sorta like your grandmothers but, sorry granny! The reason for this is the "soft" springs that the engineers put on them at the factory to give them a nice smooth ride. It's ok for the first 50-60K the Ford forums say, but after that they sag. Mine has made it over 90K before it succumb. There are a couple of fixes though:

1. Replace leaf springs with "stiffer spring rate" spring, part number#XYZ for a crazy amount of $$$.... NOT

2. Add a leaf to your leaf springs. $30 bucks at your local auto parts store.....not bad

3. Shackles on the rear the old school 70's cars used to do to "jack" them up in the rear....not safe. NOT

4. Air Shocks. easy, inexpensive $80 and solves the problem also.

I went with #2. After I spent 2 hours trying to break rusty old U-Bolt nuts loose. I gave up and I'm going with #4. I went and bought all the add-a leaf-springs and everything. Now I have to return them. No one had air-shocks for my exploder so I had to order them. Oh well another project for next week I guess. I wanted to go ride the 29er before I had to pick up Austin but doesn't look like it. Tomorrow its going to be up near 60*....YES! Me and a couple of friends plan on climbing over Buffalo then over to Spivy Mtn in N.C. Should be around 45-50 miles and plenty of climbing too. I have been itching to get out there on the road. I may take the GoPro and take a little video but road video would probably be boring, we'll see maybe. After I return I gotta hustle up and get to Greg's. He's throwin' down one of those super bowl shindigs and I don't want to miss for fear of his wife beatin' me down for the one that I missed a long time ago.

Later G......................

Later G


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Brad said...

#5 could be to get that Element!


I have to pay the exploder off first! Then I will give it to Austin when he starts driving.......Then I will go buy an Element. Well, thats the plan anyway