Friday, February 20, 2009's 17*

Well TGIF ! Another week passed for this unemployed cyclist. I really haven't been pounding the want ads, although I have submitted some resumes here and there for some interesting jobs. I guess I will just stand in line like the rest...for now.

Yesterday (Thurs) Greg and I went to a meeting with the NETTA & SAGA groups. They have been trying to get in touch with the NTMBA since last June but were having a hard time because or website was down and out of commission for a week or so. They were asking for access to our MTB maps to use for tourism to attract mountain biking to the region. I think it was very productive too. They seemed to be very interested in our new found video skills as well. We gave them a little taste of Greg riding with Jackson and Moonshine. Greg got alot of compliments as well. I also informed them of the local road cycling club (TCRC) and gave them Janine's (club Prez) name for a contact. They also asked if we conducted any races for mountain biking and we told them that our club's priorities aren't racing, although alot of members do race, but its more of a family type club and that's the way we try to keep it. Building and maintaining trails are also the club's priority. Bay's Mtn has recently taken up alot of the clubs time building a new trail and prepping it for our club picnic on May 16th this year. By the way, the park will be open to everyone for free that day and we will be feeding anyone that shows up. Several shops will be there with demo bikes and we will hold several clinics as well. We want to get alot of new people involved and new beginner riders to join the club.

So not much riding for me today, it's a nice freezing 17 degrees this morning! Blow, old man winter give it your last final hurrah...... It won't be much longer and you will be gone! Gone I say! I see spring lurking behind your chill winds. It won't be long 'til your pushed aside with a wave of bright green and warm fresh spring air, so blow old man winter blow your last hurrah!!! Whew where did that come from? Anyway if it gets to 32* I may head over to the V.A. for a 5K run. I gotta pick up little man at 5 also. Looks like more ROCK BAND for us tonight. Last week it was snowboarding, I crashed about 5-6 times. Don't have it like I used to...........he he

Later G......................................

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