Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chasing Snakes

I got an email a few days ago from the road club looking for volunteers to ride bike patrol for a local road race, Chasing Snakes 10K. I jumped right on board and and volunteered like I have for several of these. As I watched the weather more closely it was looking grim, grim I say. Cold and rainy...39 to be exact. There was supposed to be 6 riders but three bailed at the last minute. I was there when I was told to be. I ended up getting the whole complete briefing by myself and was put in charge of handling this patrol. No problem been here done this before. About 15 minutes before the start this young guy named Luke found me. He was on a tricked out yellow 1970's Fuji Messenger bike, pretty cool. Just before the race started David Smith made it and found us. We got rolling after the start, Dave took point and I rode middle on my Masi CX machine (it's used to this weather) then Luke swept. It went off pretty good. We did have a few instances with some impatient motorists and one grumpy cop but it went smoothly for the most part. Near the end my toes were freezing and I got somewhat chilly. The whole thing turned out a success. The guy that won ran 6.2 mile under 36 minutes....WOW I'm impressed! I was at the awards ceremony and watched as the people in the 50+ age groups were receiving awards, I was so impressed with their times!
Hopefully the weather will hold off for a road ride across buffalo today, hopefully. With my newly found team for my team mechanic skills it has fostered me a group to train with. So far they are handing my arse to me every time, but it's sooooo helping me!
Later G........................

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