Thursday, March 19, 2009


That's right sweet Dupont single track. Wednesday morning I met Greg and Andy at the 1 Stop, we piled into Greg's Nissan truck and off to Dupont. Thanks for driving dude! Greg had read about a route on the IMBA website called the "IMBA Dupont State Forest Epic". Hmmm 'epic'............ I'm not a fan of the word! To some folks it could mean we are riding all day or to some it could mean 100 miles of forest service road and to some it might mean 18 miles of mountain biking that took 10hrs to complete. You never know what your getting when you start to hear it. I made a joke when we started the new website for the NTMBA that the word 'epic' wasn't allowed to be used on it..... didn't last long though. Anywhoooo, after we arrived it was a bit nippy and there were kids running around all over the place yelling and screaming. I told Greg they sounded like a bunch of dogs running loose, he laughed and agreed. We parked at the Guion Farm lot where the ride was to begin according to the map we took form the world wide web. We warmed up on the kids playground where all the 'Northshore" styled stunts were at. I managed to tweak my rear derailleur riding the planks, not bad enough to prevent me to ride but enough to annoy me with some slight shifting problems throughout the day. After a couple of tweaks on the barrel adjuster I got it back. Our legs were stretched and then we set out. Our first stop was the Wintergreen falls. I had never seen them with all my trips up there so I wanted to stop, wasn't much out of the way so we took 5 minutes to check it out. Greg seen the water and something overcame him..... he struck this funny pose. Well you know me I couldn't pass up an opportunity to pick at him.

Back on the trail, down the double track and one of our turns wasn't marked but Andy figured we were where we needed to be and nailed it. Down and around to the lake stopping to check out the abandoned cabins, what a waste! Here's the link to the route we rode ... LINK . We cut just a tad off due to time restraints of having to be back home by 5ish but it was a most excellent route and I will do it again sometime. They are working on two trails over there and we got to see some REAL trail equipment. They had a very small bulldozer along with a mini-backhoe, wish we had one of those! They do a sweet job on the trail system over there, KUDOS. The weather was perfect, company was good as well. It was a most excellent day for a ride!

We got tons of video and I also managed to break a camera mount. The video wouldn't download the clip either. I thought it would be kinda sweet watching the camera break away from the seatpost and fall to the ground but somethings wrong with that file. I have 2 more edited videos but I have to host them first. Here's No.1

Dupont State Forest #1 from A Sparks on Vimeo.

DUPONT #3 Burnt Mtn Trail from A Sparks on Vimeo.

By the way we looked pretty cool, all three of us were wearing the newest club jerseys that day. They look good!

Later G ..............................

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