Monday, March 23, 2009


Yesterday the Nascar folks came and now they have left for the most part. Austin and I drove out to the track and took some back roads to escape the hoopla on the 4lane highway. We made it over to a subdivision where a friend of mine lives so we could park for free. It was about a 2 mile walk to the track, wasn't that bad. We stopped and gave John and his wife a ride to the track along the way. He also let Austin and I borrow the extra scanner he had with two headsets. That rocked. We listened to about 7-8 drivers and the announcers, you could also here the track emergency crew telling all the folks where and what to do. That was pretty kewl. Every time there was a spin out or something crazy going on that was near Tony Stewart he was dropping F*Bombs left and right. LOL , he called poor 'ole Matt Kenseth everything but a white man at one point when he wouldn't let him by. The radio was the most entertaining part of the race in my opinion. No wrecks just a bunch of spin outs, some got a little nudge though. It was an awesome day with my son, he had been wanting to go for a while. That place has changed and grown, they have done alot with BMS. I was totally impressed with how well it herds the cattle in and out. Cattle??? Yea, just go to one and you will see what I'm talking about.

PS: These guys on top of this RV had some good old Rock'n Roll just CRANKED right beside the sidewalk. They were drunk on top of this thing doing what looked to be a poor version of dancing and throwing out mardi gras beads to the chicks as they walked by.
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