Friday, April 10, 2009

FRESHMAN in the making

As most of you know that read this silly blog. (all 3 of you) My plan is to start back to college in the fall. The first of this week I got my acceptance letter from ETSU. Now I have to get everything finalized and all the red tape taken care of. That's about the most of what's going on around here. I hope P-BO (Prez B. Obama) set aside a huge chunk of $$$$ grants for me. Cross your fingers!

Not a bunch of riding this week. Trainer two times for an hour and a good solid ride yesterday for sure. The weather has sucked for most of the week. Our local Thursday night ride just started a few weeks ago. We start usually at 6pm but until we have a little more daylight we start @ 5:30 for the first few weeks so to make sure everyone gets in before dark thirty. It's a 28 mile loop that we knock out in or around 1:25:00. This week E showed up just about 5 minutes late and I would say there was 6 of us that waited on him. The main pack left at 5:30 on the nose. Overall they got about a 7-8 min head start. I thought it would take us at least 10-12 miles to catch them. We had 3 of the strongest riders in the area leading us out. I'm no where in their league at all but I hung in there and we reeled in the main group so fast! In less than 8 miles!!! I was running pretty hard and I had forgot to charge my 305 so I was doing this ride with my 205 that does not have a HR monitor. I knew that the speed we were running would take my climbing legs away from me at Buffalo near the end of the route, but I hung in there. After we caught the main group E, Rob and Zach continued right through the pack onto the front then gapped everyone and continued to pedal out of sight. The main body split into two groups at about Mayberry rd. I just sat in the 1st group until we got to the backside of Buffalo. I pedaled my own pace and didn't let the group set my tempo, I know what I can do and what I can't. I got gapped a somewhat but reeled in the tail end before I got to the top. After it was all said and done we popped into Knight's and had a cold adult beverage of the "1554" kind. There was only about 5 of us but we had a good time as usual. I look forward to when it gets much warmer and we have the whole patio filled with bike riders! I'm still lacking in my climbing ability though. The other day I zipped right up the backside 'big ringin' doing some hill repeats but the last few times it has taken alot of extra effort. Oh well, I'm right where I should be for being out of shape and not keeping up to speed last year but I'm working on it! Everyone have a great and wonderful Easter!

Later G..............................


Joshua Stamper said...

What are you studying?

Alan said...

computer science