Monday, May 4, 2009

Muddy SERC Weekend

This weekend the Eveready Endurance cycling team ventured off to Ducktown,Tn. The site for #5 stop of the S.E.R.C. series mountain bike race. We were out bright and early Saturday morning. Jason, E and myself met Rob at the RV, we were hooked and gone in a matter of minutes. We arrive at the Ocoee water center around noonish to wet, wet and more wet rainy weather. After we set everything up we all hung out to wait the rain out. After a couple of hours we.....oppps hhmmhhmm...THEY decided to get ready and pre-ride the course. I myself declined to even bring my bike, I knew what it was going to be like.....NASTY! While they were gone I kept myself busy with a bleed job and other bike related things that needed to be done....

Troy's epic.................saaaaaaaawwwwwwweeeeeeeet
I had to become acquainted with the magura's since that what most of them run....easy to work on also. 09's are easier to bleed than the 08's.

After they got back from a lap I heard the same thing from everyone " My brakes are shot" Yep the yuck and muddy grit had claimed every riders disc pads. We had a few pairs but not enough for everyone, so E got on the phone and made a few calls and at 8 am the next morning they arrived via Noah. Thanks dude! I got them installed and the guys were now ready for some more slop in the rain. Then after the race............the pads were gone again.

During the night Jason had got really sick and had to bail out the side door and hurl all his dinner. The next morning he looked bad. He stayed in the bed until it was time to race. He was a real trooper. He hung in, rode feeling like crap and got his points so he might keep his series points lead, that's what winners do! Everyone else was consistent for the day considering the weather. Jesse and his dad Steve took first place in each of their classes, good job guys! They were the only team members on the podium this weekend though. For a US OPEN/SERC race the turnout sucked. I was surprised how low turnout actually was.
I took some pics of the white water center but some didn't turn out very well, I'm posting what did though. It's a really cool place! I have never ridden there so I intend to go back when the weather is better. I was looking for some campsites close by also. It would be a good place to take the kayaks and the bikes!
Took this pic just after Jason went in the water and slid in up to his neck. I missed another kodak moment.

Our fearless leader @.........the center of the universe in Ducktown, PIGGLY WIGGLY!

LAter G.............................................

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