Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tsali.....Endurance Racing?

I'm up and at it very early this morning. Yesterday I did some errands, went to the grocery store and got some food and supplies for the 12 hours of Tsali. I wont be partaking in the racing this year though. A team I was assembling never materialized and a team I got asked to be on fell apart 2 weeks before the day. So................. I'm going down , hanging out , drinking some very refreshing adult beverages and riding the course to cheer on some buddies. I guess rider support would be a better way to describe it.
I have kinda slacked off on the keeping the rides at the training level although most the guys I ride with push me because they are training all the time. But anyways due to the lack of economic funds and poor economy my budget doesn't have all that much in it for racing this year. It hurts, but that's the cold hard reality of it. It sucks to go to the races and not be able to participate sometimes. But on the positive side I can afford to get there and hang with most of my buds, that's a definite positive. I should be able to take a ton of pics this week since I'm not focused on racing. Be back Sunday, everyone have a great holiday weekend too!

LAter G...................................

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