Sunday, May 24, 2009

12 hrs of Posing (for me)

Yea, I'm such a poser! I can't afford much racing as of late, so I just went to hang out with some good friends, wrench and drink some 1554 at the 12 hours of Tsali. I pulled out of town and dropped by Hampton Trails to take a demo bike in tow for the weekend. I then proceeded to Asheville to handle some "biz-niz" (no I'm not drug traffic-ing) then after continuing on to Tsali. I arrived late at the campground and I was totally caught by surprise on how full the campground was already. The spots we usually get were already taken, so now I had to start looking for other spots. I got lucky and got a good spot for Greg and the "echo" (easy back-in ......for me). Brandon soon arrived and we acquired a few more. A good time was had by all except for maybe Duckman. I will let him tell the story when he posts up. Anet who has been SERIOUSLY training for this event absolutely destroyed her competition and MOST of the solos too (great job girl!) Bob gave her excellent support like a good husband should. Greg managed a total of six laps, that was amazing knowing that he had some health issues for the last couple of weeks, cough cough. GREAT JOB HOMIE! Kim also had her A-game on, she made podium with a 2nd in the 6hour, excellent job Kim! Larry also took good care of her too! Wes's team took first with an all day brawl with team 64 of which Troy (a buddy of mine) is on. There were only 3 NTMBA jerseys being worn at the event, which was kinda sad. One of them was me and I wrenched bikes for the first 4 hours or so before I went out to ride with Greg and Anet to help keep their spirits up. They both didn't need me though, they were still looking good after 6-7 laps of the 11 mile course. Great job guys! It was a good trip, I made a butt of myself early race day but I quickly apologized for a misunderstanding.......Greg! LOL. See pic, it's ironic that he showed up in one picture I was taking of the girls......
Brandon is confused on which finger to
here's the $4400 demo sitting along side my short bus
Melinda kept on talking about Raspberry Jelly every time I came around???

I think Mark is telling Brandon........ "DON'T DO IT...DON'T!"


Bob, Larry and I thought we saw two ground hogs fighting near this lady.......inside joke!

This pic of Greg sums up the whole trip yo!!

LAter G........................................

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