Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who Ran Over the Possum?

There's alot of hoopla going on about a fun ride that has happened for several years during the Kingsport Funfest. Every year about 1000+ cyclists attend this event in the small town of Yuma, Va. It really overwhelms this little community to tell ya the truth but they manage somehow. Anywho, this year the promoter wanted to pass the baton to someone else so he did. The people at funfest were not able to get their act together and so cancelled the ride for this year. Then a local Jr. Cycling team decided that they would host this as a race. The event was more like a monster group ride except for the 43 Extreme Possum challenge. There was about 100 or so folks that liked to challenge themselves to see if they could do this in under 2 hrs (including yours truly). It was real fun, no classes just one huge group. Yea all the CAT 2,3's would always dust everyone but it was still fun. There was also a couple shorter rides (5 &25) that attracted a huge following. You would always see ALL TYPES OF BIKES. It was and IS a staple for the cycling community around here, it will be missed greatly this year!

Well this year it's an all out Omnium. There's tons of confusion going on and I'm not sure how it's going to turn out. To be 100% honest with my readers I'm on the fence. They possibly could ruin what used to be a huge community event. The omnium race is the weekend of the 11th & 12th. With that said and off my chest, myself and a few of my friends are resurrecting this ride on the 18th of July the following weekend, totally unsponsored and unsupported by any group. We have named the resurrected Tour de Possum, the "Dead Possum" ride. This is the week after the omnium and anyone and everyone is invited. We have decided to tailgate afterwards. Everyone is still invited but you have to bring your own grub. From all the emails I'm getting I'm hoping we have at least 50+ attend.

I was out at Yuma on Tuesday doing recon on the "new" race course (28 miles) with a "no drop" group ride. It's basically the 43 in reverse with a couple loops cut out. IMHO I think it's a little tougher than the 43 to tell ya the truth. I was in a small group that got dropped on a climb, no one told us where to turn and we missed it. So I didn't get to ride the complete course just about 85% of it. Looks like a very good race course, tough! I had a good ride although I didn't have much at the end. That's probably because I rode a couple of hours earlier at Bay's to get the bugs out of the new steed. I rode 18 miles there before heading to Yuma. I probably should have ate something in between but I didn't. By the time we rolled back into the elementary school I was famished. It was a good ride even after missing a turn or two, I ended up with 33 miles on the road bike. A good day of riding my bikes I would say!

The NTMBA club picnic is Saturday. Wow tons of stuff going on this week! I hope the rain holds off 'til the afternoon, I really do. It should be a large time, we even have Texas Roadhouse sponsoring and catering the event.

Anyways thanks for letting me rant some, now go ride your bike! Don't forget it's ride your bike to work week and I would if I had a job.........peace!

LAter G.........................................

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