Saturday, May 9, 2009


Wow, last night we had all kinds of tornado warnings and watches. Something that is rare for this area for sure. I swiped these pics from facebook, sorry I don't know the person who took them. It was pretty scary around here for about 2 hours. Angie's brother called and said he spotted a funnel in Gray but we couldn't see it from JC. These pics are from Rogersville,Tn. That's about 45 minutes from here. We never got anything bad other that that quiet calm feel of still air that something is brewing close by.

Austin riding the "Townie" into the track. This place is a ghost town when no races are around.....looks smaller when all the fans are here.

I got Austin up too early, ha ha.

I look like a tard! I did get a free shirt....

Austin took off pretty good, he was in the top 10% coming up out of the track. About 2/3rds in he got a cramp and had to slow. Some little girl caught him and it picked his spirits up a little and he pushed it into the finish. He salvaged a 30 minute 5K though, not good for him but that's just a smidge over what I could have done. I thought since I was there and I had a chance to do what most cyclists would never have a chance to do.........(ride my bike on BMS NASCAR track) I better do it! I didn't have my GoPro with me but I had my trusty Sony camera. I set it to video and away I went. Now an Electra cruiser isn't going to get up to any respectable speed so I did the best I could. You really can't get the true jest of how steep those turns are unless you are there in person. Every rotation of my cranks my right pedal scraped the concrete of the 30+ degree banking. I had to be careful riding one handed or I might find myself lying at the bottom of the turn if my pedal caught the track. I worked my way up as high as possible in turn one. Then I came roaring off turn two hugging the wall just like the "big boys do".


Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!

LAter G.....................

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Riding with dogs said...

ok Alan enough is enough, I have to say it. Your new blog pic on the top reminds me of one of those Mommy blogs. The old one you had was pretty cool.