Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bikes and B-Ball

Today was a steady day at ye old Hampton Trails. I must have changed a dozen tubes today for folks. The phone wasn't as bad as yesterday though, but it still keeps ringing. Some of my buddies have tried to crank call me but I have busted them each time (nice try guys). One of 'em asked where the house of ill-repute was located close to the shop, but I'm not mentioning any names. Old AKS showed up today trying to act like he was some special customer or something. I like Aaron though, he's cool! I'm glad I could help B out while he's enjoying floatin' on a boat somewhere in the southern Atlantic Ocean.
After I closed up shop I rolled on over to Piney Flats. Austin had a baseball game at 6 today. When I arrived they were down by 2. I must have been the good luck charm or something, these guys started getting walked left and right after I arrived! The poor pitcher couldn't buy a strike. After a pitcher change Austin's team got on a hitting streak and made about 8 runs in the 3rd inning alone. He scored 3 times in the game and made a play that really made my chest swell with pride. He plays second base, the ball was hit very hard and got about three skips before he made a stop in full stride, pulled up and barely threw the guy out at first. IT WAS WAY COOL!!! The way it was hit, it looked as if it was going through the hole but he stopped it, great job little man! Love ya!
I don't have much planned for tomorrow. I may hit Bay's early if the weather holds out. They have been calling for late showers here but none so far. Summer heat seems like it's already here too. Peace out!
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Anonymous said...

I am a special customer. I have the secret Hampton Trails membership card. Only given to those who can do some serious "cuttin"...LOL

And for those who don't know what "cuttin" is, that's why you don't have the card. LOSERS!!!