Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

How can someone that's unemployed (dislocated worker) be so busy? I don't know but I have been of late. Mostly getting all the "little" things taken care of for college in the fall. I also enjoyed my 44th birthday Saturday thanks to Angie and my Mom. I got alot of great things but most of all I spent time with them. Austin is down and out with strepp. I hope he gets to feeling better before he goes to the beach with his Mom next week.

Friday night Angie let me open my stuff early, she took me to dinner and a movie, thanks babe! Saturday I knew she was wanting to hit a few jumps at the DZ so I encouraged her as long as she got back for Dinner with my Mom. I managed to get a short run in before I did a quick 40 miles on the road bike by myself. I haven't been doing alot of road riding as of late, I can't seem to stay off the mountain bike! I rode pretty good I thought, I avg'd 19mph for the trip and it included Buffalo too! Angie and I hung out Saturday night and had alot of fun just running around town with her.

I had noticed earlier in the day on NTMBA that there was a group ride for Sunday being organized by Andy for Iron Mtn in Damascus, Va. I really don't care for that place because it's two things: rocky and UP. Any way you ride its Up, Up, Up and rocky, rocky, rocky. Anthony and Andy laid out a route that wasn't all that bad..(did I say that?) I really had a great time but it was mostly because of the company. Andy, Chris, Richard, Anet, Steve, myself and our fearless NTMBA leader Anthony troddled across the bumpy, wet and muddy trails of Iron Mtn. We ended up with around 19-20 miles for the day.
There's going to be a 100K race up there next month. I could not make it 60+ miles up there, no way! It's a rugged and demanding mountain. I would name all the trails we rode but I'm lost every time I'm up there so ... Sorry. I will make a statement concerning the 29ers: I ride those trails up there better on my 29er that I used to own other than what I did yesterday on my 26 shortbus. They just roll over the rocky stuff so much better. BUT: on the climbs, I'm glad I was riding the 26. The 26" wheels just seem to respond better than the big hoops while climbing. It's just like everything though everyone has their own opinion. My 26 maneuvers better hands down. Going down 'Mock Holler' I know I have ridden it faster on my 29er. One proven fact: 29ers roll over stuff better no doubt! What does this all mean? There are choices. It's up to the individual to choose what best suits them. I like both truthfully, but I choose to ride the smaller hoops because of handling and climbing as per my abilities. So no matter what you ride and where, all that matters is? JUST RIDE !! ! ! ! ! !

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Darth Duncan said...

Next time we may start from Beartree, there isn't as much rough climbing from there, but you can basically do the same route.

Glad you came out tho!