Sunday, July 5, 2009

The High Life

This dude rocks, he's hilarious!
He's going to get yo beer!

Not sure about the "high life" though....

This is a classic for sure, my Dad has drank this for ages.

As most serious cyclist do every July I am doing the same. Watching the Tour de France on VS. I eagerly await the arrival every year of the TDF. I wish that there was better coverage of mountain bike racing but I guess it's hard to get a camera under the canopy of trees for MTB racing. This year, just like last year, Miller beer has been running spots with this dude going into fancy smancy clubs and other snooty places and taking away their Miller beer privileges. It's aimed at the common man talking of common sense and what not. It's pretty funny and I want to promote Miller Beer here on my blog for sponsoring bicycle racing on VS. Now don't get me wrong, I don't like the beer at all but they sponsor my sport so I give them a thumbs up for sure. The racing has been top notch so far, I hope it continues to do so. It's been raining most of the day so I have been doing stuff inside. I have drank way too much brew today for sure. The empty Newcastles and 1554 bottles are filling up the recyclable box outside way too fast. I was wanting to get a hard ride in today but the rain prevented it. I NEED A HARD RIDE BAD! I think the allergies have retreated and I'm feeling alot better now. I WANNA RIDE! Next week's racing I'm going to be as about as competitive as a snail (if I race). I have, although, enjoyed the tour on VS. and motocross on Speed today.

This upcoming weekend hosts a flurry of funfest events and bike racing. The Tour de Possum Creek race is this weekend in Yuma, Va. Then Monday the small local 'mountain bike rally' held at Bays Mtn. Park takes place. I may race the crit on Sunday but won't be very competitive, heck the way I have been riding as of late I shouldn't be entering any races, just helping. Oh well, I should have fun anyways that's what its all about.

Last night Austin and I hung out at Mike's place (thanks Mike) and watched the fireworks at freedom hall. We had a good time & got to see "Dirty" I haven't seen him in awhile. AKS was supposed to show but I wasn't graced by his presence. Guess I will see him on Monday's ride, he should be healed from his sinus surgery. Anywho better get, hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday!!
LAter G.........................


Riding with dogs said...

High Life, it is the champangne of beers you know, good stuff. Watch out or you'll turn into a closet High Life drinker just like you're a closet PBR fan.

Anonymous said...

Thought you might like this link..

Enjoy homo..



AKS: already seen that article.