Thursday, July 9, 2009

Short Trackin'

Wow, so far this week has flown by. Bike shop keeping me hopping some. Went on a new ride the other night after Brian closed the shop. I had ridden on those roads before but not in the direction that they have been doing it. Good little group too! I got dropped on a couple of the fast climbs but all was good.

Wednesday night brought another week of short track at the university. Most of the fast guys were a no show but a few new guys made for some new found fun. Mike and AKS showed up. Aks doesn't get to ride much anymore cuz he likes cuttin' too much. #3 baby is almost here! His time is spent mostly with family, as it should be. Mike brought a CX bike to the race last night and managed to get a nice jump on us from the start. We kept waiting on him to jump the bike over our obstacle but I never saw him do it. All in all it was just a really fun night on the bikes followed by some nice adult beverages @ Knight's.

This week the Tour de Possum Creek makes it's debut. Not too sure on how it's going to go though. The crit got moved out of town thanks to Mr. Mayor so now they have to have it near a ball field or something. Scratch me going now! I wanted to go but I'm not racing around a flat football field, sorry. There is a huge 100K MTB race in Damascus Sunday but I'm not an endurance racer, so I won't be attending that one. One that I should be able to make is the Bay's Mtn Bike Rally. It's on Monday @ 5 or something like that. I hope I can get it under an hour this year. Last year it was like an hour and 3 seconds, baaaaaaah!!! I haven't been riding with any intensity of late this year so we'll see how this goes. If i do it in an hour I will take it! That's still pretty lame though! Gotta go.......

LAter G.................................


Anonymous said...

There is a pedalfest shirt for Kim at the shop. Could you possibly bring it to Bays Monday night if your coming?


Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way it's your turn to pull my ass down lake road this year. Hahaha (you remember don't you???)

Your CX buddy


I will see if its there.

I may not be there if I have to work at the shop, we close @6.